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But we like to go beyond that. When you schedule a routine cleaning with us, you can expect that your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected. However, at Hylan Dental, we want to take it one step further.

In addition to cleaning your teeth, our doctors will look for signs of gum disease, bone-loss or pockets, or loose teeth (other than those wiggly ones for our pediatric patients.) Depending on how things look, our doctors might refer you for increased cleanings or some preventative tools such as a night guard (to prevent disorders such as TMJ.)

Our doctors will also take the time to walk you through a proper home care routine. While most people know that good dental habits start at home, most people don’t know exactly where to start (“I mean, is brushing enough?”)

While brushing and flossing daily is a great (and vital) first step, our doctors will be happy to walk you through some of our more thorough techniques to keeping your smile sparkling in between routine cleanings. Once you feel confident in your at-home-routine, we will send you on your way (but not before scheduling that next cleaning. Routine cleanings are key, after all.)

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