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Brecksville Missing Teeth Implants

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Cleveland Missing Teeth Treatment

Are you missing 1 or more teeth?

There are a variety of ways to replace missing teeth. The ideal form of tooth replacement is different for each person. We believe it is our job to do a thorough exam and tell you what we find. After we do our exam, we can discuss what will best fit your needs.

Hylan Dental Implants ™

A Hylan Dental Implant™ is usually considered the finest and best solution for permanently replacing 1 or all your missing teeth.

Like natural teeth, your implants never come out. And the great thing is ... they can never decay!

They help prevent bone loss and can fully restore your ability to smile, chew and enjoy your food.

People often say that they feel their implants are superior to their natural teeth.

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Hylan Dentures ™

A Hylan Denture ™ is a natural and great looking replacement for all your teeth.

We individually position each tooth to help you get "just the right look".

You choose the color for your great looking new smile!

It is usually recommended that dentures be removed at night.

Dentures are the most economical form of tooth replacement.

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Hylan Dental Bridge ™

A Hylan Dental Bridge ™ is a replacement for 1 or more teeth.

It is fixed in your mouth all the time and like a dental implant it never comes out.

A Dental Bridge helps prevent bone loss and can fully restore your ability to smile, chew and enjoy your food.

Dental Bridges are more economical than implants.

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Hylan Partial Dentures ™

A Hylan Partial Denture ™ is an economical choice for replacing 1 or more missing teeth.

There are many types of partial dentures.

Most of our patients choose a Hylan Flexible Partial Denture. They say they are way more comfortable and they love their smile.

A Partial Denture needs to be removed at night.

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