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Dr. Kareen Levy Dentist

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Dr. Kareen Levy, DMD

Dr. Kareen Levy, DMD

To say that Cleveland Dentist, Dr. Kareen A. Levy is passionate about learning might be an understatement. She loves to learn everything that she can. If you were to ask Dr. Levy how she feels about education she will tell you … “Every day is a learning day.”

Many Doctors fulfill their continuing education requirements by reading or attending classroom courses. That’s great. However, Dr. Levy prefers Hands-On courses.

Hands-On courses are more comprehensive because they involve actual treatment of patients or involve situations similar to actual surgeries or treatment scenarios.

I grew up in: Cleveland, Ohio

Education: Case Western Reserve University 2002 Degree - Biology and Math

Case Western Reserve School of Dental Medicine 2011 Degree - Doctor of Dental Medicine

I have been in practice since: 2011

I have been at Hylan Dental Care since: 2019

I chose this community because: I grew up in Cleveland.

My main focus is: Making people happy and educating them on dental health.

Favorite aspect of my job: Making people smile when they leave the office, especially if they were nervous coming in.

My healthcare philosophy is: Treat people the way you would want to be treated.

The reason I chose dentistry is: Family life balance.

Marital Status: Married with 3 children.

Spouse’s Name: DeMarcus.

DeMarcus is an attorney with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

Pet: We have a Rottweiler named Unicorn. We call him “Uni.”

When not in the office, I like to: Spend time with my family. I like going to movies and the theater. I like watching Reality TV.

My favorite hobbies are: Traveling and Swimming

My claim to fame is: Always keeping a smile on my face and laughing a lot.

I am active in this community by: Spreading Joy!

The family photo I’ve included was taken: 2018

Continuing Education:

Below is a listing of some of the courses that Dr. Levy has taken.

Many of the following courses are Hands-On/Participation courses.

  • Zimmer Institute Bone and Soft Tissue Grafting Course 10/22/2015 - 10/23/2015
  • Carestream Dental 3D Imaging Software 10/21/ 2015
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Porcelain Laminate Veneers 12/10/ 2015
  • Periodontics: Oral Health and Wellness 10/19/ 2015
  • Options & Communication for the Edentulous Patient 11/16/2015
  • The Newer Anticoagulants and Their Relationship to Dental Procedures 4/16/2015
  • The Dental Professional’s Role in the Opioid Crisis 4/22/2021
  • Love is a Battlefield: The Ergonomic Woes of a RDH 1/8/2020
  • Getting There is the Hardest Part: Tips, Tricks & Techniques Used to Achieve Length 3/4/2020
  • The Endo the Line: Endo Retreatment vs Endo Surgery 3/18/2020
  • Life After COVID -19 4/29/2020
  • Soft Tissue Considerations Around Dental Implants 5/13/2020
  • Antibiotics for Odontogenic Infections 7/15/2020
  • Understanding Dental Insurance and PPO’s 10/14/2020
  • Understanding Dental Insurance and PPO’s Part 2 11/11/2020
  • Rethink Simple: The Art of the Simple Extraction 2/10/2021
  • Contemporary & Classical Workflows for Implant Supported Full Arch All-on-X 12/16/2020
  • Periodontal Pathogens, Probes, and Power Instrumentation: Effective Management for Periodontal Disease. 4/16/2020
  • The Phantom of The Operatory: An Overview and Update in Pharmacology For the Entire Dental Team 4/15/2020
  • How Mobile Technologies Can Change The Way We Interact With Our Patients 4/14/2020
  • Getting Ahead Of The Next Stage Of The COVID-19 Crisis 4/13/2020
  • The Importance of The RDH/OMS Relationship in Optimizing Patient Care 4/10/2020
  • Minimally Invasive Treatment Of Proximal Lesions 4/9/2020
  • Diabetes Mellitus: Medical Management, Orofacial Finds and Dental Management 4/8/2020
  • Ignite Your Plan B - Diversifying Your Career In The Industry 4/7/2020
  • Waiting to Inhale? Will Cannabis Challenge The Dental Professionals As Tobacco Has In The Past? 4/6/2020
  • Prosthetics and The Role In Proper Oral Hygiene 4/3/2020
  • Vape Is Not Safe 4/1/2020
  • Protecting The Restorative Investment 3/31/2020
  • Education and Prevention - The (sometimes forgotten) Keys For Success 3/30/2020
  • Tour De Toothpaste 3/26/2020
  • Committing Your Practice To Ultimate Patient Care: An Interdisciplinary Team Approach From Tooth Preservation To Tooth Replacement 3/25/2020

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