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Do you have a damaged tooth that needs a Dental Crown?

When your tooth breaks or requires a large filling that puts the tooth in danger of breaking, a dental crown is the best solution for dental care.

A filling that replaces the decayed part of a tooth does little to nothing to help strengthen the tooth. In particular, amalgam fillings weaken the tooth and make it more susceptible to breaking; composite fillings, since they bond to the tooth, will strengthen a tooth.

However, even with a composite filling, when there is a lot of tooth structure missing, a filling will not strengthen the tooth enough to protect it.

At Hylan Dental Care, we have found that in those cases, a dental crown is the best solution- a crown covers the entire tooth and is the best way to prevent fracture.

If you are looking for a solution to salvage your broken or damaged tooth, then it is time to give the gentle dentists at Hylan Dental Care a call!

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