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How Well Do You Know the History of Toothbrushes?

December 29, 2022

You brush your teeth two or three times a day. But while you’re cleaning up those pearly whites, have you ever wondered about the evolution of the tools you’re using? No? OK, then it’s time for you to find out. 

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Once upon a time, about 3000 BC, Babylonians and Egymptions fashioned toothbrushes by fraying the ends of twigs. In the 15th century, the Chinese started making toothbrushes whose handles were made of bone or bamboo, and the rough bristles were from pigs. The design eventually took hold in Europe, where the inhabitants preferred the softer feel of horsehairs and feathers as bristles. 

In 1780, Britons changed the handle to cattle bone, and it wasn’t until 1844 that the toothbrush with three rows of bristles were introduced. In 1938, the famous American company DuPont started manufacturing toothbrushes that sported nylon bristles. 

During the American Dental Association’s centennial celebrations in 1959, E. R. Squibb and Sons Pharmaceuticals introduced the Broxo electric toothbrush (later known as the Broxodent) to the U.S. market. 

Tools to cleanse your teeth you have definitely advanced. Manual toothbrushes are available in lots of sizes and shapes. You can buy ones whose handles are curved, angled and straight, and some have soft rubber areas for easy gripping and maneuvering. Their bristles vary from really soft to hard, while the shape of the heads are rectangular, rectangular and oval. 

Powered brushes ranage from basic and inexpensive to high-end and elebroate enough to include timers and pressure sensors. The heads can oscilate up and down or rotate in a circular motion. Sonic toothbrushes vibrate 10 times faster than electric toothbrushes.

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