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Are you trying to find a new Dentist in Aurora, Ohio?

Don't be! Contact the Dental Professionals at Hylan Dental Care.

At Hylan Dental, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality care while making the procedures as painless as possible.

"We have been providing the Aurora community with Dental services since 1979."

Dr. Brad Hylan started his practice with the goal in mind of making dental appointments as pain-free and comfortable as possible.

This means that when you have an appointment with the team at Hylan Dental Care, you will be getting top quality care using techniques that make you as comfortable as possible.

No matter what type of procedure you require, our staff is sure to have the best options available and always put the patient's comfort first.

So make sure to visit the best Dentist in Aurora today- schedule your next dentist appointment by calling us.

Our Closest Dental Office to Aurora
Where is Hylan Dental Care located in Brecksville?

Hylan Dental Care of Brecksville is located at 7770 Brecksville Road.

Dental Services offered at Hylan Dental Care

Hylan Dental offers patients throughout the Aurora area a wide range of treatments and procedures so that patients can have all of their needs met without needing to visit multiple clinics.

Some of our Comprehensive & Convenient offerings include routine dental care, missing tooth replacements, cosmetic dentistry services, and toothache solutions.

Take a look below at what dental work you can get done at Hylan Dental Care of Aurora:

Routine dental care

Receive exceptional routine care at Hylan Dental in Aurora. Everyone needs to visit their local dentist at minimum two times a year.

Dental Cleaning Aurora Ohio

Our routine dental care includes the following:

Teeth cleaning
Oral hygiene
Gum disease
Oral cancer screening
Composite fillings
Dental crowns
Affordable dentistry
Pediatric dentistry
Sterilization and cleanliness

Missing tooth replacements

Missing one tooth or multiple teeth can lead to low confidence.

No one should be ashamed of their smile, so Hylan Dental provides excellent services to assist in regaining lost confidence.

These services include the following:

Dental implants
Partial dentures
Dental bridges

Cosmetic dentistry services

A smile can change an image entirely. Everyone wants to look good, don't they?

Redefine your smile with cosmetic dentistry at Hylan Dental.

Orthodontic Treatment Aurora

Cosmetic Dentistry includes:

Tooth whitening
Porcelain veneers
Smile design
Orthodontic services

Toothache solutions

If you have ever experienced a toothache, you understand how excruciatingly painful they can be!

Don't suffer from toothache pain for another minute!

At Hylan Dental, our solutions include:

Root canal treatment
Dental emergencies
Sleep dentistry
Nitrous oxide gas

Visit Dr. Brad Hylan, D.D.S.

As you can see, we provide our Aurora patients with comprehensive treatment options to ensure all of their dental needs are met.

If you are in need of a new Dentist in Aurora, schedule an appointment at Hylan Dental Care today!

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