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Hylan Dental Care | Smile Design, Dentures and Gum Disease

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Hylan Dental Care | Composite Fillings, Invisalign® and Teeth Whitening

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Dr. Brad Hylan, DMD

41 Years of Experience

He received an associates degree from Washington and Jefferson College in 1973, and a bachelors degree from Ohio State University in 1975. Read more

Invisalign® Premier Provider

Do you have misaligned or crooked teeth?

You can find the perfect orthodontic treatment solutions including Invisalign at Hylan Dental Care of Cleveland! Read more

Affordable Dentistry

Are you looking for an affordable dentist?

Here at Hylan Dental Care we understand that your budget is often an important issue when considering dental care. Read more

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Hylan Dental Care | Gum Disease, Dental Videos and Missing TeethHylan Dental Care | Teeth Cleaning Care, Emergency Treatment and Missing TeethHylan Dental Care | Gum Disease, Dentures and Teeth Cleaning CareHylan Dental Care | Composite Fillings, Oral Cancer Screening and Missing TeethHylan Dental Care | The Complete Guide to Placing Dental Implants, Missing Teeth and Gum DiseaseHylan Dental Care | Dental Crowns, The Complete Guide to Dentures and Implants and Pediatric DentistryHylan Dental Care | Dental Videos, Smile Design and Pediatric DentistryHylan Dental Care | Oral Exams, Composite Fillings and Invisalign®Hylan Dental Care | Composite Fillings, Emergency Treatment and Toothache ServicesHylan Dental Care | Dental Videos, Emergency Treatment and Smile Design

Smile Design

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with a great looking smile?

Did you know the quality of your smile has a more direct effect on your relationships than any other part of your appearance? Most people say they always remember someone with an especially attractive smile. Just imagine how great you would feel with an “attractive smile”!

Hylan Dental Care | Extractions, Dentures and Toothache Services

Affordable Dentistry Payment Plans

Putting off treatment often has serious consequences.

Do you avoid or delay your dental work due to feeling anxiety because you think it will cost too much? Are you familiar with dental patient financing? At Hylan Dental Care we want to help make dentistry anxiety-free and more affordable for you and your family. Don’t delay necessary dental exams and dental treatments. It will cost you more money and jeopardize your health later in life if you do.

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Do you want a whiter, brighter smile?

Hylan Dental Care | Porcelain Veneers, Routine Services and The Complete Guide to Dentures and Implants

Have you thought about replacing missing teeth?

Hylan Dental Care | Smile Design, Dentures and Gum Disease

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Dental Implants Let You Smile With Confidence

February 2, 2021

Once you lose your baby teeth and your adult teeth come in, you might figure that’s that – they’re in for life. Not so! Studies show that by age 50, a large majority of adults will....

Preventative Care

January 1, 2021

Did you know that according to statistics, more than 90% of adults ages 20-64 have had a cavity in their lifetime? And, tooth decay doesn’t just affect grownups. Cavities also affect...

Insurance Makes Dental Care More Accessible and Affordable

December 1, 2020

When most people think of choosing health plans, their primary focus is typically for medical matters. But dental insurance is just as important. It can help pay for most types of dental care and be....

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